Friday, 30 June 2017

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"When your partner/friend getting down."

Assalamualaikum and slmt malam. Here's a little thing I want to share with you guys if you are in this situation.

Em, I don't mind if you not really agree with mine because it was just my opinion. Okay so "when your partner/friend feel bad.. or something like..."ughhhh, aku tak layak utk kau , aku jahat and lain2"

You just tell her/he

Come on ! Over in your life, you don't want to stay in same level or same stage for the rest of your life right? You need to go up and down as well. Iman tu naik turun so amalan kita ada kadangnya baik ada kadangnya buruk. Stop push yourself like "Oh! I'm bad I'm bad! " pastu you feel down.. stop blaming yourself. What you get if you don't stop it? You feel better? No right?

It supposed to be an encouragement for you to go up and you improve yourself better. And then you don't compare yourself with me. We are both different. You are guy and I'm a girl.

So our limitations and emm apa yang kita capable buat tu different. So if you know that you're responsibility as a men is bigger then me as a girl which mean that you're a men who gonna lead my life, then you should be better lah. Just show me that, you know... prove me wrong la like you can do better, you can improve haa. Jangan lah compare because kita insan yang berbeza.. so sometimes you ad kelebihan you, I ada kelebihan I sendiri. Like you don't compare an apple to apple because we not same. So you are orange and I'm an apple. So jangan compare. It gonna be like macam.. tak cantik gituuu.

I know you can do better.

Okay dah. That's all. I hope you feel better after read this.

Me, Adibah Alias. 💙

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